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Hi! I'm Stephanie Eckles, aka 5t3ph, and I create front-end learning and development resources with an emphasis on CSS and Eleventy. I'm the creator of,,, 11ty.Rocks and more!
We develop and contribute to open source hardware and software projects to support the Helium Network, LoRa Alliance, Raspberry Pi community and much more. Become a sponsor and join us on our journey!
Support CodeEdit, the open source, free forever, macOS native app.
I build developer and content author tools and contribute as much as I can to the open source community! If you wanna tip me a few bucks every so often I'd be super appreciative!
I'm interested in building tools that help myself and others be creative; right now, those tools are plugins for Obsidian.
At smapiot we strongly believe in the value of open source software and we are driving the development of Piral – a rich open source framework for building modern and reliable Microfrontend applications.
I am developing SharpNEAT and the Redzen using dotnetcore and C#. My main interests are neuro-evolution and AI research, high speed computing, performance tuning, and code zen (quality, simplicity, elegance).
We build innovative, easy-to-use, open-source apps that try to solve everyday problems "better". Our core product is Ivy Wallet, an Android money manager app that helps you to track your spending and manage your personal finance.
Hello! I'm the lead developer and maintainer of [Files](, a feature-rich file manager for Windows.
artist, educator, creator/maintainer of p5.js: trying to make coding accessible and inclusive for artists/designers, beginners, educators, and anyone curious <3
Coding Garden is a Twitch / YouTube channel with weekly live streams, where CJ teaches, learns, builds and hangs out with fellow coders of all types and backgrounds. All code written on stream is released on github under the MIT license.
I work on many open source projects. The most popular are: rustc_codegen_gcc: GCC codegen for the Rust compiler Relm: Idiomatic, GTK+-based, GUI library, inspired by Elm TQL: A compile-time ORM Titanium: A keyboard-driven web browser
The Fyne toolkit is the easiest way to develop beautiful, fast and user friendly native applications for desktop and beyond.
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